March 10 2020 Annual Meeting Preview

Industry Non-CME Program Lineup Announced

This year’s Industry Non-CME (INC) Programs, March 19-22, are held concurrently during the AAD 2020 Annual Meeting. At the sponsoring company’s discretion, these sessions present new research ... > MORE

Looking Beyond the Skin: How to Better Assess Atopic Dermatitis to Improve Care for Your Patients

Program overview: This program will provide clinicians with an overview of scales used to assess signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis, followed by an in-depth discussion of scales that can be used ... > MORE

Let’s Talk About an Option for Your Patients with Challenging Manifestations of Psoriasis

Program overview: An engaging presentation on a treatment option for patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis with involvement of difficult to treat areas, who are candidates for phototherapy ... > MORE

Cosmetic Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

Program overview: In this Industry Non-CME program, expert scientists and dermatologists will discuss the biology of hyperpigmentation, which is a global skincare concern and one of the most ... > MORE

Beyond Skin Deep

Program overview: Join The Atlantic for an evening of conversations with patients and medical experts discussing how skin conditions can affect physical and mental health. Underwritten by ... > MORE

A Virtual Reality View: Pediatric & Adolescent Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Program overview: While guidelines regarding the management of AD in children have been published, variability persists in practice. Treatment inconsistencies and the chronic and relapsing nature of ... > MORE

New Frontiers in Psoriasis: Evolving Treatment Goals, Patient Expectations, and Therapeutic Targets

Program overview: An educational symposium discussing evolving expectations in the treatment of psoriasis and how to measure the success of treatment for the patient as well as expert insights into ... > MORE

Live Medical Crossfire: How Do Recent Pathophysiological Findings in Pustular Psoriasis Have the Potential to Shape a New Treatment Paradigm?

Program overview: Pustular psoriasis outbreaks can be severe and life-threatening but early diagnosis is hindered by its rarity, heterogeneous presentation, and lack of consistent classification. At ... > MORE

A Timely Intervention: Early Clues to Identify the Patient with PsO at Risk of PsA

Program overview: This program is designed to educate dermatology practitioners to diagnose PsA early in their patients with psoriasis, to recognize the preclinical indicators of PsA risk, and to help ... > MORE

Diving Deeper into the Role of Systemic Therapy in Advanced CSCC

Program overview: For many patients with advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC), surgery just isn’t enough. Let's take a deeper dive into the clinical data to explore when systemic therapy ... > MORE