eHighlights: Aug. 2

Picture perfect photo challenge winners!

The Academy hosted another photo challenge at the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting between Thursday, July 25, and Saturday, July 27. The AAD accepted photo submissions on both Instagram and Twitter in which ... > MORE

Caregiver safety — practical tips for precarious times

Violence in the workplace is a tragic, unfortunate reality in today’s world. Dermatologists are not immune to potential threats and must face the issue head on. At the AAD Summer Meeting 2019 last ... > MORE

Exciting therapies dominate Hot Topics in Medical Dermatology

No stone was left unturned during “Hot Topics in Medical Dermatology” (S010). Eight dermatologists covered a wide range of developments in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions. The ... > MORE

Hyperhidrosis patients may not have to sweat it out

The words “don’t sweat it” offer little encouragement to people who have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. Nearly 5% of the population suffers from a diminished quality of life because of this ... > MORE

Your practice is good, but could it be better?

Most dermatologists serve two masters — their patients and their practice. Focusing on the latter generated plenty of discussion during the session “Emerging Practice Models” (F026). Michel A. ... > MORE

Summer Meeting scores with sessions, speakers, and latest science

This year’s Summer Meeting took the energy for which New York is famous and channeled it into high-intensity education sessions, keynote speakers, and general sessions to spotlight dermatology at its ... > MORE

The sweet smell of relief — easing pain during procedures

Taking the sting and anxiety out of dermatology procedures is half the battle for putting patients at ease and achieving a successful outcome. The pain doesn’t really disappear, but a number of tips ... > MORE

Cognitive error: What do you see?

The well-known phrase, “What you see is what you get,” suggests that what we see is conclusive and without doubt … but is that true? Seeing clearly when making a dermatologic diagnosis is critical to ... > MORE