eDaily1: July 25

Take a bite out of infestations

That creepy, crawly sensation. The itch. The sores. Bugs not only invade your patients’ space and their skin, they can be challenging to identify and treat. Raegan D. Hunt, MD, PhD, will give facts ... > MORE

Industry Expert session tomorrow

Industry Expert Sessions at the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research on products, detail products, conduct demonstrations, and highlight new ... > MORE

Get out your cameras – the challenge is on!

The Academy is hosting another photo challenge at the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting! From now through Saturday, July 27, the Academy is accepting photo submissions on both Instagram and Twitter where ... > MORE

New storytelling feature joins engaging Plenary lineup

It’s likely to get personal during Friday’s Plenary (P151), giving attendees the opportunity to soak up important lessons from four of their colleagues. DermTales, a new addition to the Summer ... > MORE

Can you manage an inclusive multigenerational workforce?

It’s not an age-old question, but rather a new age consideration. Rethinking generation gaps as generation preferences is the first step in effectively managing multigenerational teams. In fact, ... > MORE

What you should know about your organ transplant patients

Solid organ transplantation is worth the wait for any patient facing organ failure. But it does come with unique risks and complications. People who have undergone solid organ transplantation are ... > MORE

Update on photoprotection: What dermatologists need to know

Recent controversy over sunscreen safety has patients concerned. Yet, dermatologists know that photoprotection, including sunscreen, remains an important step in decreasing the rate of skin ... > MORE