March 7

AAD Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. finishes strong

The nation’s capital served as the backdrop to the AAD’s 77th Annual Meeting, inspiring, educating, and connecting dermatology professionals from around the globe. Inside Washington, D.C.’s Walter E. ... > MORE

Pediatric atopic dermatitis and malignant melanoma top “what’s new”

On Tuesday, March 5, “What’s New in Dermatology” (S066) wrapped up the final day of the AAD Annual Meeting with a focus on looking ahead. A panel of presenters covered new technologies to assess ... > MORE

Rural areas in desperate need of dermatology care

Dermatologists from rural areas in the U.S. made a plea for their peers to come join them in Monday’s session, “Dermatology in Rural America” (U094). “We have a significant problem with access ... > MORE

Dermatology inventions solve problems, change patients’ lives

Successful dermatologic treatment innovations, such as the use of lasers to remove port wine stains, don’t come out of vapor. They come out of a deep understanding of patient problems and ... > MORE

Four considerations for melanoma treatment

As the speakers in Sunday’s “Managing Melanoma” (F105) pointed out, we still don’t necessarily have the best practices in place for patients with the disease. Guidelines in the following areas are ... > MORE

A closer look at three challenging alopecias

Hair loss is traumatic for most patients. Certain challenging hair disorders present further concern because there are not always clear answers for their effective treatment. In the case of central ... > MORE