January 15

What will be HOT in 2019?

The top concerns and interests of AAD members will drive the content and discussion for the session, Hot Topics (S057) on Monday, March 4. Led by Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD, the session will ... > MORE

When late-breaking research breaks, be there!

Multiple Late-breaking Research sessions scheduled for the 2019 AAD Annual Meeting will prove invaluable to members following the latest in cutting-edge research and practices. These Saturday ... > MORE

Guest speaker to talk about patient care in the digital age

From wearable sensors to improved point-of-care diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and virtual care, current breakthroughs in medical technology are fundamentally changing the way that patients ... > MORE

Gaining hand-on expertise

Hands-on sessions are back! These popular, interactive workshops allow attendees to engage in individual or small group activities that focus on key facets of dermatologic care. Several new and ... > MORE

More new sessions creating a buzz

QI Symposium for residents In the new session Derm Rapid Fire: Putting Residents at the Center of QI Initiatives (S046), faculty will present information and ideas in short TED talks, covering hot ... > MORE

What’s hot: Live Demo sessions

The 2019 AAD Annual Meeting offers a number of live, interactive sessions that feature the nation’s leading experts and the latest “how-to’s.” The popular format sets the stage for a variety of ... > MORE

Don’t miss the AAD Career Networking Event!

Sometimes a handshake sure beats an email, and the AAD Career Networking Event is one of those times. This is an exciting, high-energy event where you can connect with employers from around the ... > MORE

How can you help improve access to care? Find out

The Academy is convening a forum for members to share ideas on how to improve access to dermatologic care for patients and other physicians. The fourth annual Access to Care Learning Collaborative ... > MORE

Get on AAD social media now for the full meeting experience!

From now until the end of the meeting, AAD Member will be sharing information on new/popular sessions, special events, speakers, and more — including tips and recommendations for exploring the ... > MORE