2018 Annual Meeting Wrap Up

2018 AAD Annual Meeting Poster Award winners named

The AAD Poster Exhibits Task Force announced the recipients of the 2018 Annual Meeting Poster Awards. 1st Place 6143 - Botulinum toxin type A treatment for Raynaud's Phenomenon. Experience and 3 ... > MORE

Research symposium recognizes exciting advancements in dermatology

Recipients of this year’s Everett C. Fox Memorial Award presented the most outstanding papers in basic science and clinical research Feb. 17, during the "Resident and Fellows Research Symposium" ... > MORE

AAD rocks San Diego with new science, uptick in attendance

Dermatologists from around the world convened for the 76th Annual Meeting and blanketed the San Diego Convention Center as well as downtown itself. Attendees lined up for cutting-edge science, ... > MORE

Change is coming

Waves of change are sweeping health care, but dermatologists don’t have to suffer the consequences. Simply knowing what is on the way can help prepare for the shift. This was the goal of the forum ... > MORE

Hottest topics in dermatology revealed

There is no question about the hottest topics in dermatology this year. Attendees submitted their top choices for hot topics when they registered for the Annual Meeting, and AAD featured the top seven ... > MORE

Combat burnout by taking stock of what’s important

One of the hottest topics in dermatology today may not be what is on your skin, but rather what is getting under your skin. This may be causing a common physician ailment known as burnout. A panel ... > MORE

Clues to missed diagnoses

The brain and eyes are a dermatologist’s best diagnostic tools. But what happens when it’s your first exposure to a condition? Solving the mystery was part of the session, "You May Not Have Seen It, ... > MORE

Beware: side effects ahead!

Recognizing the cause of dermatologic adverse events and understanding how to develop effective treatment plans can be very difficult. Jeffrey Callen, MD, and colleagues presented detailed cases in ... > MORE