February 16

Welcome to the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting

Are you ready for the exciting opportunities that await you here at the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting? Get started with today’s full schedule of education sessions, live demonstrations, and patient ... > MORE

A sneak peek at AAD’s Plenary session

Dermatology World has compiled a “who’s who” of the great minds that attendees will hear from at Sunday’s Plenary session (P151). Learn more about these seven individuals and what they plan to share ... > MORE

What’s hot?

The sought-after session “Hot Topics” (S048) will cover the most exciting new trends and developments in the specialty, including their implications on society and the economy, and will review several ... > MORE

Download the new AAD Meeting Mobile App

The AAD Meeting Mobile App is where you can find the most up-to-date information! The app is updated in real time, reflecting program changes as they happen. Functionality and features ... > MORE

Top 10 personal productivity tips

Skills centered on organization, prioritization, time management, and minimizing distractions are often not taught in school, but they are increasingly essential. In Saturday’s session, “Getting ... > MORE

Skin of color boot camp

All skin of color patients who present to a dermatologist should be treated in a culturally competent manner with his or her problem diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately. If you have even ... > MORE

Water Cooler – Friday, Feb. 16

What are you most excited to learn about or see at the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting?   "My favorite part of the AAD is obtaining new knowledge that I can’t find in a textbook. It is an invaluable ... > MORE

Patient management roundtable

The session director and speakers of today’s symposium, “Common, Challenging, and Controversial Short Topics in Patient Management" (S011), share valuable insight into managing patients. Topic: ... > MORE

Q&A: Quality improvement’s place in medicine

Mark Eliason, MD, is one of several speakers in Saturday’s session “Rewards and Awards: How to Make QI Pay Off” (S033). He talked with Dermatology World Meetings News to discuss quality improvement ... > MORE

Q&A: Employing cost-effective skin care to benefit patients

Kevin Kia, MD, is the co-director of today’s session “Best Evidence-based Opportunities for Cost-effective Skin Care” (S003). He talked with Dermatology World Meeting News to share a few small ... > MORE