March 4

Media reports on effectiveness of sunscreens can confuse consumers

Consumers often have questions about what kind of sunscreen to use and how to use it because of confusing reports. Dermatologists need to be ready to confidently answer those questions. In the end, ... > MORE

Four Late-breaking Research sessions presented today

The latest research in dermatology will be spotlighted in 48 abstracts that will be presented in four two-hour sessions Saturday. The abstracts address the latest observations in clinical, surgical, ... > MORE

Allergic dermatitis in children

Conventional wisdom long has suggested that allergic dermatitis is uncommon in children. The reality is, children suffer from allergic dermatitis as frequently as adults. The most common culprits are ... > MORE

Medical literature key in using value to reduce health costs

In a nation divided over the path of health care, there is one fact on which everyone agrees — it all costs too much. Trying to reduce costs seems a Sisyphean task, so a better approach is to get ... > MORE

Tips to keep your patients relaxed

In the course of everyday work, people become creative, finding ways to save time and get better results. Friday, four dermatologists regaled a large, interested audience as they reviewed favorite ... > MORE

Acne guidelines clarify role of antibiotics with topical therapy

Translating Evidence Into Practice: Acne Guidelines (F048) The highlights of AAD Guidelines of Care for the Management of Acne Vulgaris, including the use of antibiotics, isotretinoin, hormonal ... > MORE