March 3

Plenary to examine the effects of recent advances in dermatology

The Sunday Plenary will feature a wealth of scientific and clinical lectures addressing telemedicine, propranolol, cancer development, psoriasis, and the threat of Ebola. The Plenary will also feature ... > MORE

‘Hot Topics’ examines current issues, latest in research

Hot Topics (SO24) The popular session “Hot Topics” will discuss the most exciting new trends and technologies in the specialty, and will review several emerging therapies for the treatment of ... > MORE

Emerging therapies: Speakers to address developing treatments for common conditions

New Emerging Therapies (S022) Eight new treatments for common dermatologic conditions will be examined during “New Emerging Therapies.” The three-hour session will look at treatments that are now ... > MORE

From drawing board to bedside: More devices are moving from the lab to the office

New and Emerging Technologies in Dermatology (S001) The newest in dermatology technology ranges from applications that have recently become commercially available to items that might fit better ... > MORE

Managing transplant patients: Treatment options expanding as solid organ transplants become more common

The Role of the Dermatologist in Management of Skin Disease in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients (S003) As the number of solid organ transplant patients increases and their outcomes improve, ... > MORE

The latest treatment updates: ‘Therapeutic Hotline’ to cover a variety of dermatologic conditions

Therapeutic Hotline (S004) It is difficult to stay on top of all the advances in the specialty in the last year, but “Therapeutic Hotline” will go a long way toward helping dermatologists do just ... > MORE

Research improves understanding of complex dermatologic diseases

Advances in Medical Dermatology (S002) Several complex diseases with cutaneous presentations are benefiting from advances in evaluation and treatment and are leading to better outcomes for ... > MORE

Looking out for the community: Dermatologists need to recognize threats to public health

Outbreak! Public Health Threats in Clinical Dermatology (S005) Physicians are trained to treat the patients in their offices, but they also need to recognize when a patient has a condition that ... > MORE

Surgical principles: Experts to explain tips for many basic procedures

Key Surgical Principles We All Should Know (S008) Learn the intricacies of cutaneous surgery or get an update on procedures you can do in your office by attending “Key Surgical Principles We All ... > MORE

Meet Board members Friday, Saturday

Come and meet the AAD Board of Directors between educational sessions on Friday and Saturday, during the Annual Meeting. Two events are scheduled for Friday and Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. in The ... > MORE