March 6

Taking up the fight against vaccine-preventable viruses

Although primary care providers (PCPs) traditionally are considered the first line of defense to talk with patients about vaccinations for varicella, mumps, measles, rubella, and the human ... > MORE

Emerging therapies: New treatments emerge for melanoma, BCC, and SCC

In 2016, about twice as many people will die of skin cancer than all other cancers combined in the United States, according to projections from the American College of Surgeons. Friday's “New and ... > MORE

Sunday Plenary: Five science lectures, presidential addresses among highlights

The Sunday Plenary will feature five scientific lectures that will focus on the influence of genetics on skin disease, tumescent drug delivery, how gene networks influence skin cancer, neurological ... > MORE

Field cancerization: Emerging science transforming SCC diagnosis, treatment

The emerging science of field cancer is changing the paradigm for diagnosing and treating skin cancer by targeting entire skin regions. Dermatologic surgeon Sean R. Christensen, MD, PhD, addressed the ... > MORE

Tuesday schedule has changed

Several changes have been made to the 74th Annual Meeting's traditional schedule so attendees can attend more events. The Annual Meeting will now end on Tuesday. The final two events are general ... > MORE

Tanning bed regs

During his address at this morning's Plenary, President-Elect Abel Torres, MD, JD, will talk about how you can send a letter to the FDA in support of the proposed indoor tanning rules which would ... > MORE

One-stop melanoma care

A patient slated for aggressive melanoma surgery decided to first seek out a second opinion from a multidisciplinary melanoma care center. When the center's dermatopathologists reviewed her lymph node ... > MORE

‘Pearls and Pitfalls’ addresses challenges of beginning practice

Young physicians entering their first years of practice are treading on new turf, but a session presented Monday is designed to help them take those first steps on solid ground rather than tumbling ... > MORE

‘Boards and Beyond’: Speakers provide tips on taking the certification exam and life afterward

Residents face many challenges as they prepare for the next phase of their careers, and Saturday they were treated to words of wisdom related to many of those challenges, from preparing for board ... > MORE

Controversies: Drug costs, non-physician providers discussed

Several speakers debated the impact of medications and mid-level providers on costs during Friday's “Controversies in Dermatology” (F046). Mark Lebwohl, MD, and Charles W. Stiefel presented “Cost of ... > MORE