March 5

Experts cover hot topics: Attendees pinpoint topics they are most curious about

One of the most popular sessions at the Annual Meeting is “Hot Topics” because attendees help choose the subjects they want addressed. Friday, an expert faculty presented updates on the selected ... > MORE

Less invasive treatment options: Nonsurgical options seek to get to the root of the problem

Patients are demanding less invasive skin cancer treatments with minimal downtime for recuperation. To deliver on their expectations safely, Anthony M. Rossi, MD, offered the best mix of therapy ... > MORE

Syphilis: Dermatologists should watch for telltale signs of resurgent disease state

Syphilis is the comeback kid re-emerging throughout the United States, and dermatologists are in a prime position to detect the disease, which can include debilitating neurosyphilis and ocular ... > MORE

The true cost of drugs

Patients are feeling the pinch from the rising cost of drugs and reduced insurance coverage, and dermatologists are left wondering how to advocate for these patients amid this new and uncertain ... > MORE

Outpatient radiotherapy: Mohs vs. radiation

Mohs surgery is the gold standard for many head and neck skin cancers, but Mohs is not ideal for all patients. Patients who are older, on blood thinners, have multiple medical co-morbidities, or have ... > MORE

Late-Breaking Research: Advances could change dermatology practice

See the latest research that is likely to affect clinical practice for all dermatologists during four two-hour sessions presented Saturday and Sunday. The sessions will highlight clinical trials, ... > MORE

Smile and say ‘Cheese’

Enter a new kind of photo contest through the official AAD Meeting News Twitter feed @AADMtgs. The list of categories and winning prize for each: Best Group Photo ($50 Starbucks card*) Mentor ... > MORE

Latest psoriasis guidelines

The latest guidelines for the treatment of patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis will be reviewed in “Translating Evidence into Practice: Psoriasis Guidelines,” from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday ... > MORE

Laser devices being used for more medical, cosmetic treatments

Lasers have become some of the most useful tools in dermatology. Laser-assisted drug delivery, body contouring, fractional resurfacing, scar therapy, and treatment of vascular lesions are only a few ... > MORE

Interactive learning: I’ll take Unusual Leg Ulcers for $100

Diagnosing and treating leg ulcers can be a difficult, complicated path to travel, but a Friday education session made it more fun by adopting the format of the iconic game show Jeopardy and ... > MORE