July 17

Two new PIPs on tap for Summer Academy Meeting

Be sure to include the Promotional Information Programs (PIPs) in your Summer Academy Meeting schedule. PIPs are independent and not part of the official AAD Summer Academy Annual Meeting as planned ... > MORE

Attend SkinPAC Town Hall Aug. 22

This year's SkinPAC Town Hall will provide AADA members with the opportunity to hear directly from the SkinPAC board of advisors on challenges to the political landscape, the candidate support ... > MORE

Guest speaker to explore the experience of aesthetic perceptions

When you hear that someone is ‘beautiful', what comes to mind? A pretty face? Or a picture-perfect smile? It's a subjective question, of course, and we've all heard the old saying “beauty is in the ... > MORE

Session identifies global differences in Middle Eastern dermatology

For the first time at an AAD meeting, the topic of dermatological issues in Middle Eastern countries will be covered in depth in the new session, “Coming to America: New Techniques, Products, and Tips ... > MORE

Take a world tour of dermatology without leaving your seat

One of the best parts of attending AAD meetings is that they give you a break from the office and allow you to interact with dermatologists from around the world. Although miles (or oceans) may ... > MORE

New session takes closer look at risk factors for psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most common diseases seen in dermatology today. That is why physicians need to take a fresh look at how to further improve quality of care by reviewing external ... > MORE

Drugs in America: Why price and transparency are hot-button issues

It's not your imagination — drug prices in the U.S. are increasing, and it's happening at an alarming rate. So what is causing this sudden change in cost? Although this is a multifaceted issue, ... > MORE