August 20

Expert speakers highlighted during Friday Plenary session

Plan to attend one of the highlights of the Summer Academy Meeting, the Plenary session, starting at 9 a.m. Friday in the Grand Ballroom. The session will feature five lectures as well as the ... > MORE

Panelists to discuss issues related to high drug prices

Whether it is for the latest biologic treatment or a generic medication that has been available for a couple of decades, the cost of prescription drugs is on the rise, and dermatologists and their ... > MORE

New research changes approach to managing itch

There is more to itching than many dermatologists realize. Not only is itching one of the most intensely unpleasant sensations known, its causes and treatments are far more varied than were recognized ... > MORE

Boost your pediatric dermatology skills at symposium

Children are not little adults, especially when it comes to dermatologic issues. Children present very different diagnostic and management challenges compared to adults, and different age groups ... > MORE

Experts to provide tips to improve surgical skills in three key areas

Dermatologic surgery is a complex topic. The basic skills can be learned through typical instructional techniques, but many of the most important diagnostic and management skills require hands-on ... > MORE

Tweets & selfies: The best ways to get social at the meeting

If you're not following AAD Meeting News on Twitter yet (@AADMtgs), now is the perfect time to do so. This is especially aimed at those attending the Summer Academy Meeting because Twitter will be the ... > MORE

Navigate your way through the Summer Academy Meeting

Technology these days has made it easier than ever for attendees to access to all meeting-related information in the palm of their hand. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, one of the best ... > MORE

Industry Expert Sessions scheduled

Industry Expert Sessions provide exhibiting companies the opportunity to present new research on products, detail products, conduct demonstrations, and highlight new products. These sessions are ... > MORE

PIP session scheduled

A non-CME Promotional Information Program (PIP) is scheduled to take place Friday evening. These programs do not qualify for CME credit and all content is under the control of the sponsoring company. ... > MORE