March 21

‘Hot Topics’ attendees hear latest information on subjects of interest

No one knows the key issues in dermatology better than dermatologists, so the “Hot Topics” agenda Friday afternoon was set by dermatologists. Speakers addressed 10 topics that meeting registrants ... > MORE

Formaldehyde a top allergen obscured on many product labels

Formaldehyde, long known as a preservative linked to contact dermatitis, was named the 2015 Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society. The dangers of formaldehyde and the many ... > MORE

New age of telemedicine: Changes in practice to create opportunities, challenges

Technological advances have put high-quality cameras in the hands of millions of smartphone and tablet users, moving telemedicine from pipedream to reality. This change has opened a new set of ... > MORE

Studies gather evidence of success of teledermatology

Technological advances have obviously created opportunities for greater use of teledermatology, but the big question is “Do patients receive the same quality of treatment through teledermatology ... > MORE

Acne update session reviews proposed changes to guidelines

The Academy's updated clinical acne guidelines are not expected to be published until later this year, but six speakers previewed several guideline topics Friday during “Translating Evidence Into ... > MORE

What’s a dermatologist to do when patch testing is negative?

A negative patch test result can be a good news/bad news situation for patient and dermatologist. Good news: The patient is not allergic to a host of allergens. Bad news: You don't know what's causing ... > MORE

IgE testing an interesting option when a patch test is negative

When a negative patch test is complicating diagnosis of dermatitis, checking IgE levels is an option, which intrigued physicians attending Friday's session, “What To Do When Patch Testing Is ... > MORE

How to succeed in organizational politics and influence others

Aristotle said it first: Man is a political animal. With a little more specificity, Kathleen J. Hectorne, MD, agrees: Dermatologists are political animals. “Everyone who works in a group setting is ... > MORE

Get on Twitter for meeting news, submit a selfie today

Stay on top of all the breaking news during the Annual Meeting by following the Academy Meeting News Twitter feed, @AADMtgs, which has more than 4,000 followers. It is the go-to space for Academy ... > MORE