March 24

Understanding of stem cell development helps produce skin cancer therapies

The ability of stem cells to develop in a variety of ways has led researchers to use them to inhibit cancers, but those same qualities can cause stem cells to mutate and lead to the development of ... > MORE

Digital expert being developed to make cancer treatments more accessible

Genomic advances have greatly improved the options for treating melanoma and other cancers, but the science is complex, making it difficult for clinicians to keep up. With that in mind, a leading ... > MORE

Long research journey leads to promising treatment advances for BCCs, other cancers

Clinical trial results show that vismodegib is effective in treating basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) by acting as an inhibitor in the Hedgehog pathway, a breakthrough in the translation of genetic ... > MORE

Dermatologists need to take control of their destinies

The Academy has emphasized how the world of health care is changing, and it is a change that makes dermatologists uneasy. Jack Resneck Jr., MD, understands that apprehension, but also sees an ... > MORE

Guest speaker says gender differences underplayed in genetic research

There are two types of people in the world — males and females — and for decades gender differences have fueled the growth of many professions, from comics to divorce attorneys to counselors. David C. ... > MORE

Presenters offer strategies to reduce medical errors

Taking a cue from how dermatologists work to diagnose, treat, and prevent problems for their patients, Eliot N. Mostow, MD, MPH, and Stephen Helms, MD, helped Annual Meeting attendees think about ways ... > MORE