Transgender topics added to popular hands-on session roster

Key considerations are important when treating patients who identify as transgender. From the appropriate language to the actual exam, understanding issues and sensitivities can help dermatologists deliver a higher level of patient care.

This Hands-on session is geared toward patients transitioning from female to male.

The AAD has added “Hands-on: The Patient Encounter: Transgender Patient” (WSP002) as part of a day-long lineup of new and returning “Hands-on” sessions at the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting.

The information delivered in the workshop dedicated to patients who identify as transgender will underscore the importance of gender concordance when treating individuals and build awareness of their unique concerns. Alison Ehrlich, MD, of George Washington University Medical Center, will lead the session. In particular, Dr. Ehrlich will help attendees achieve proficiency in assessing the skin concerns of patients who are transitioning from female to male. Other areas of education will spotlight the management of the dermatologic side effects of hormone therapy and the correct pronouns for addressing patients who identify as transgender.

The popular Hands-on sessions give practicing dermatologists and residents in training an opportunity to polish their patient communication skills by interacting one-on-one with a standardized patient. Additional “Hands-on” topics include:

  • Breaking bad news
  • Medication management
  • The difficult patient
  • Giving feedback
  • Total body skin exams.

As usual, there are many hands-on sessions being offered at various times throughout the meeting. To find the Hands-on session that fits your needs and schedule, consult the Meeting Program and type “hands on” in the search area.