New physician safety session slated for summer

Workplace assaults on health care professionals are a real and pervasive issue. In fact, 75% of the 25,000 workplace assaults reported each year occur in health care settings. Being vulnerable to violence is an unfortunate reality in the workplace, and taking steps to protect yourself and your colleagues is the focus of a new Thursday, July 25 session at the 2019 AAD Summer Meeting, “Physician Safety: Protecting the Caregiver in Violent Times” (F008).

Deborah MacFarlane, MD, MPH, a dermatologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and Kathleen Julie Hectorne, MD, a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, are scheduled to co-lead the session, which will describe concerns for physician safety when interacting with patients. The session will give attendees the ability to recognize the legal aspects of threatening physician-patient encounters, and also identify techniques to prevent or deescalate such potentially dangerous situations in the health care setting.