Don’t sweat it — new session is anything but dry!

Besides causing physical distress, hyperhidrosis can result in patient anxiety, embarrassment, and a tendency to withdraw from the fun things in life. Nearly 5% of the population suffers diminished quality of life because of excessive sweating. How can dermatologists alleviate some of the distress for their patients?

A look at the newest and emerging treatments for hyperhidrosis is the focus of “Sweat Matters” (U014), a much-anticipated new session on Friday, July 26 at the AAD Summer Meeting in New York City. Session leader Maral Kibarian Skelsey, MD, director of the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington, D.C., will provide practical pearls on managing this condition in both adults and children.

In identifying the treatment options for patients with hyperhidrosis, Dr. Kibarian Skelsey will discuss the side effects associated with various treatments and how best to manage them in order to improve the quality of life of patients.