Live tweeting at the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is one of the most anticipated events of the year for dermatologists and industry professionals, but in all honesty — it can be a little overwhelming. With so many valuable sessions to attend in such a limited time frame, how do you choose without feeling like you’re missing out? What if two sessions you want to attend are at the same time? What if that workshop you’ve been dying to go to is already full?

Live tweet highlights and pearls from sessions in real-time so others can learn and interact through virtual discussions from around the globe. #AAD2019

Well, fear no more. With the rapid adoption of social media in the world of medicine, dermatologists are quickly realizing the power of Twitter at large conferences — particularly “live tweeting.” Live tweeting means sharing highlights and pearls from sessions you attend in real-time so others can learn and interact through virtual discussions from anywhere in the world. Today, nearly all major medical conferences have official hashtags, which allows every tweet that incorporates the tag to be easily viewed in one place.

The official hashtag for this year’s Annual Meeting is #AAD2019, so the Academy encourages you to include it in all your meeting tweets and share takeaways from your favorite sessions. Let the Twittersphere know: what was the top thing you learned from that session on melanoma? What practice management tip will you implement back home? Why should others attend that workshop on dermal fillers? See what conversations you can start and help advance the specialty by sharing key learnings with colleagues near and far.

Lastly, if you’re looking to find more active dermatologists to follow, search the hashtag #DermTwitter to see who tweets interesting content and follow those accounts before the meeting. This can also help grow your following since it increases the chances those accounts will follow you back!

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