2018 AAD Annual Meeting Poster Award winners named

Poster presentations are a perennial favorite at AAD Meetings. The AAD Poster Exhibits Task Force announced the recipients of the 2018 Annual Meeting Poster Awards.

1st Place

6143 – Botulinum toxin type A treatment for Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Experience and 3 year follow up.

Authors: Alba Gomez-Zubiaurb, Susana Medina-Montavlo, Ana Belen Piteiro-Bermejo, Isabel Polo-Rodriguez, Nuria Valdeolivas-Casillas, Sonia Bea-Ardebol, Alicia Cabrera-Hernandez, Mara Bandini, Lidia Trasobares-Marugan

2nd Place

7124 – Direct immunofluorescence and correlates of systemic disease in adult Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Authors: Eric Lu, MBBS, Anthony Fernandez MD, PhD

3rd Place

6774 – The role of shave biopsy and electrodesiccation in the overall treatment of keratinocyte carcinoma

Authors: Mark Herron, MD

4th Place

6349 – Cellular Mechanism Of Compulsive Behavior In A Mouse Model Of Trichotillomania

Authors: Louis Tee, MD, PhD, Guoping Feng MD, PhD

Honorable Mention

7445 – Hospital Readmissions for Skin Disease in the United States

Authors: Justin Arnold, MMSc, Rachael Crockett, MPH, A. Yasmine Kirkorian, MD


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