‘Hot Topics’ speakers, topics announced

“Hot Topics” returns to the Annual Meeting to cover popular trends and developments.

One of the Annual Meeting’s most sought-after sessions “Hot Topics” (S048) will be held on Monday, Feb. 19, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Like years before, this session allows attendees to choose the subjects that they most want addressed ahead of time. Be sure to vote for your favorite topic when you register to attend the Annual Meeting.

“Hot Topics” will cover the most exciting new trends and developments in the specialty, including their implications on society and economy, and will review several emerging and innovative therapies. Following the session, attendees will not only be able to identify the latest learnings, but also will be able to apply the evolving evidence-based knowledge to patient care.

Speakers and topic were confirmed last week. They are:

  • Zoe Draelos, MD — Cosmeceuticals: Naturally Absurd?
  • Hilary Baldwin, MD — Acne: What’s New
  • Allan Halpern, MD — Melanoma Update 2017
  • Mark Lebwohl, MD — Biologics and Psoriasis: The Beat Goes On
  • Wilma Bergfield, MD — Hairy Matters: What’s New in Alopecia
  • Anthony Benedetto, MD — What’s New in Cosmetic Surgery
  • Lawrence Eichenfield, MD — Atopic Dermatitis: New Developments

Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD, will direct the session, which is open admission to all eligible categories, so tickets are not required. Attendees can receive a total of three CME credits for this session.


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