Download the AAD Meeting Mobile App before the meeting!

The AAD Meeting Mobile App is available soon — check your app store and download!

Make sure to download the 2018 AAD Meeting Mobile App before you come to the meeting. You’ll want to be ready to use its impressive functionality before you even get to the convention center. What can you do with the app? Navigate interactive maps; organize meeting session schedules; message colleagues; search for exhibitors and display their locations on a map; view sessions that are about to start; take notes; post to Twitter; and much more. Yes, there’s an app for (all) that and more!

The AAD Meeting Mobile App, which will run on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms, will launch this month, in time for the Annual Meeting. For anyone using a platform other than iOS or Android, there will also be a mobile website with limited functionality.

The AAD Meeting Mobile App will be available very soon on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Check for more information.


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