Don’t forget to register for these high-yield Tuesday sessions

This year’s Annual Meeting isn’t complete without Tuesday’s sessions “What’s New in Dermatology?” and “Therapeutic and Diagnostic Pearls.”

Stick around in San Diego on Feb. 20 for Tuesday morning’s back-to-back symposiums. The first of two compelling sessions, “What’s New in Dermatology” (S067), offer attendees the chance to discover the latest developments in dermatology over the last 15 months.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Identification of cutaneous manifestations of mosquito-borne viral diseases.
  • New vaccines and therapies for infectious diseases.
  • New therapies available for pediatric and adult skin disease.
  • Updates in dermatopathology.
  • Updates in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in skin of color.
  • Updates on surgical and cosmetic procedures.

In “Therapeutic and Diagnostic Pearls” (S068), attendees can uncover practical and valuable insights on a wide range of diseases and disorders. The panel of speakers will share evidence from peer-reviewed literature as well as results from personal experience. Leave with pragmatic points that you can incorporate into your practice.


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