Water Cooler – Sunday, Feb. 18

What have you done to cope with physician burnout?

“I’m trying to control more of my agenda. I started yoga. I started meditation. I try to take more control of my life and not leave it in the hands of others.”
– Fernanda Kihara, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I work in clinical trials. Everybody wants things now. So it’s hard to bounce so many balls. I have aromatherapy. I put on some calming music and lavender oils.”
– Ximena Graber, MD, Hialeah, Florida


“The pressures of seeing patients, dealing with administrative-type things, the EMR are the things that stress me out the most. I just switched jobs to one where I have an extra day off, so I’m spending more time with my kids. That has helped.”
– Kevin Yarbrough, MD, Clackamas, Oregon


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