Water Cooler – Saturday, Feb. 17

What is the most exciting clinical development you’ve heard about recently?

“I do pediatric dermatology, and I heard about some exciting stuff with hidradenitis. It involves using topical resorcinol, which I had never known about as being an option for mild cases of hidradenitis. Even though it’s not common, I see it quite often.”
– Jennifer Sorrell, MD, Palo Alto, CA

“The best clinical development I heard about was dupilumab atopic dermatitis. It’s offering a clinical breakthrough for our problem atopic dermatitis patients. It offers something more than other systemic agents. I know it’s expensive, but it’s successful.”
– Andy Basnet, MD, Honolulu

“I love hearing about all the new drugs for treating diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It’s a whole new world for the patients. I’m excited about all this new information. Last year, I learned a lot of new information and took it back to my practice. I’m always willing to learn more.”
– Cristina Abdalla, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“The most exciting clinical development I’ve heard about is a new treatment for psoriasis and other medicines that treat the condition. This is the changing part of dermatology. Every year, you find a new product that’s offering new treatment.”
– Francisco Carpio Sandoval, MD, San Salvador, El Savador


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