Follow @AADmember on Facebook and Twitter

With more than 8,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 3,900 on Facebook, @AADmember has been rapidly growing since the Academy revamped its social media accounts in late 2016. Every day, more members are opting to follow the AAD Member Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest information on Academy-related news and content, as well as real-time updates during events such as the Annual Meeting and Summer Meeting.

This summer, @AADmember will be keeping dermatologists up to date throughout the course of the 2017 AAD Summer Meeting with news about popular sessions, special events, breaking news, and more. Also, you will able to share your meeting photos while you are in New York City. Be sure to use the official Summer Meeting hashtag — #AAD17 — in any meeting-related tweets or posts to engage with the Academy and other attendees.

If you’re not already following @AADmember, be sure to do so before the meeting starts!

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