‘Hot Topics’ highlights emerging trends and therapies


“Hot Topics,” which will be presented Saturday, March 4, from 1 to 4 p.m., is one of the most popular Annual Meeting sessions.

The highly sought-after session “Hot Topics” (S024) will be coming back to the Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 4, from 1 to 4 p.m. Like years before, this session will discuss the most exciting new trends and technologies in the specialty, and will review several emerging therapies for the treatment of various dermatologic conditions. It will also assess some of the most common aesthetic challenges in clinical practice today, and provide a large repository of information for the most cutting-edge advancements that will likely become part of the therapeutic armamentarium in the near future. After the course, attendees will not only be able to identify the latest trends, but will also be able to examine the safety and efficacy of newly emerging therapies.

As one of the meeting’s most popular sessions, “Hot Topics” allows attendees to choose the subjects beforehand that they most want addressed. Be sure to vote for your favorite topic for the session when you register to attend the Annual Meeting.

The session will be directed by Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD, and it will be open admission to all eligible categories, so no tuition or ticket will be required. A total of 3 CME credits will be offered to those who attend.

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