Hands-on sessions cover range of topics


More than 130 hands-on sessions will be presented during the 2017 Annual Meeting.

More than 130 hands-on sessions will be presented during the Annual Meeting, giving attendees an opportunity to focus on a specific topic where they want to learn new skills or hone skills they already use in practice.

Sessions range from “Patient Encounter” sessions, also known as Standardized Patient Workshops, that focus on speaking with and examining patients, to workshops dealing with treatments that require experience with various instruments and products. Workshops that are still open for registration feature topics that include suture techniques, scar revision, electrosurgery and cryosurgery, varicose and telangiectatic veins, and lasers.

Patient Encounter sessions offered are “Medication Management,” “The Difficult Patient,” “Breaking Bad News,” and “Total Body Skin Exam.” Participants will have a one-on-one simulated clinical encounter with a patient-actor where they will perform the topic of the session — a full body skin exam, a medical diagnosis, a discussion with a difficult patient, or a consultation on medication management. The purpose of each 30-minute session is to get hands-on practice in patient counseling and education, and provide the attendees with feedback on their overall communication skills.

Hands-on workshops offer attendees 3 CME credits; tuition fee and ticket will be required for admission. Session size is limited and may sell out, so check the 2017 Annual Meeting Education page for availability. Patient Encounter sessions offer attendees 0.5 CME credit hours; tuition fee and ticket are required for admission.

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