Did you notice our new look?

You may have noticed an updated look for AAD Meeting News for 2017.  AAD Meeting News is now part of our Dermatology World family of publications — along with several other AAD news and information publications — to help increase their value and tie them to one, highly recognized brand. Dermatology World has been a trusted source of news and information for members and others for over two decades. More than 18,500 AAD dermatology members get the print issue each year, and Dermatology World also averages about 250,000 page views online per year, as the publication steadily expands its print and online content for members.

What does this mean for you? All the same excellent Meeting News content, plus more! In addition to our regular coverage of scientific sessions, we will offer links to related Dermatology World content and topics. We are also expanding our arsenal of topic reviewers and experts. We hope this merger of publications enhances your knowledge, and your overall meeting experience.

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