‘Hot Topics’ examines current issues, latest in research

Hot Topics (SO24)

The popular session “Hot Topics” will discuss the most exciting new trends and technologies in the specialty, and will review several emerging therapies for the treatment of various dermatologic conditions.

This year, the session will cover seven subjects, ranging from newer choices, such as the science behind cosmeceuticals, to ongoing issues, such as the recent elections and how they may affect the U.S. health system.

0303-hot-topicsAttendees had the opportunity to vote on their favorite topics when they registered to attend the Annual Meeting. Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD, is the session director. The presentations and speakers are:

  • Cosmeceuticals: Fact or Fancy, Zoe Draelos, MD
  • Acne: What’s New, Diane Thiboutot, MD
  • Melanoma Update 2017, Allan Halpern, MD
  • Connective Tissue Disease: Current Trends, Lawrence Gibson, MD
  • Health Care Reform and Recent Elections, Jack Resneck Jr., MD
  • Atopic Dermatitis: New Developments, Emma Guttman, MD
  • Contact Dermatitis: Emerging Trends, David Cohen, MD

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