Get the A to Z of cryosurgery from international experts

0623-CrysurgeryCryosurgery is one of the most versatile surgical techniques available to dermatologists for treating benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions, but lack of formal training in the U.S. often limits its use to treatment of seborrheic keratosis and warts. A faculty of expert cryosurgeons will examine the treatment possibilities of cryosurgery in a new session, “Hands-On: Cryosurgery” (W001).

The workshop will start with a detailed overview of cryosurgery, followed by hands-on instruction and practice with tools and equipment, including high-frequency ultrasound used to measure tumors. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from and share their experience with the following experts:

  • George Gaitanis, MD, MSc, PhD, from Greece, is the author of multiple papers on the use of immunocryosurgery and its applications for skin cancer.
  • Aleksandar Krunic, MD, PhD, from Chicago, is a dermatologic surgeon and frequent lecturer on cryoimmunology.
  • Thomas Schopf, MD, from Norway, and Azael Freites-Martinez, MD, from Spain, are experienced cryosurgeons who work actively on skin tumors, malignancies, and palliation.

The workshop will be directed by Paola Pasquali, MD, a renowned cryosurgeon, editor of Cryosurgery, A Practical Manual, and director of numerous cryosurgery training courses through the AAD and at meetings in Europe and Latin America.

This session, presented from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, July 28, will offer participants 3 CME credits; tuition fee and ticket will be required for admission.

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