AAD President: ‘Stay abreast of the advancements in our specialty’

By Abel Torres, MD, JD
AAD President

Abel Torres, MD, JD

Abel Torres, MD, JD

It is with pride that I point out how innovations and medical advancements made by AAD members are revolutionizing the care that we dermatologists can provide. New knowledge is coming in so fast and furious that it is hard to keep up. Yet, in addition, government regulations and the changing face of health care put ever-increasing pressures on the limited time that we have to take care of our patients while trying to keep up to date. With time at a premium, why should you take more of your valuable time to attend another meeting?

The reason is that AAD meetings can help you stay abreast of the advancements in our specialty as well as the health care landscape. The AAD Annual Meeting has long provided this access to education and remains one of the major ways we can serve our members. Yet sometimes we just need more connection with fellow colleagues, and the 2016 AAD Summer Meeting can be the answer for those of you who want to feel more connected.

It is our goal that the program planned this year for you in Boston will do just that. This summer’s Plenary session will include Harley Haynes, MD, who will present the Everett C. Fox Memorial Award and Lectureship. Emma Guttman, MD, PhD, will present “Atopic Dermatitis as an Immune Disease Driver?” while Amy J. McMichael, MD, will address skin of color, and Alexandra Kimball, MD, MPH, will talk about melanoma. The Plenary also will feature guest speaker Kevin Quigley, president of Marlboro College and an internationally recognized leader and educator, who will present “Liberal Arts and Service: Getting Under Your Skin.”

Come and experience the well received standardized patient sessions and the new procedural skills sessions in a more intimate setting. Connect with your colleagues and also your families in a historic city that is small enough to navigate, but large in its offerings.

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