New session added to ‘Hands-On: The Standardized Patient’ series

0107-Standardized Patient

Four topics will be covered in “Hands-on: The Standardized Patient” sessions that will be presented several times a day from Monday through Friday.

Four topics will be covered in “Hands-on: The Standardized Patient” sessions at the Annual Meeting, including a new one topic, “The Total Body Skin Exam,” along with three returning session topics, “Medication Management,” “The Difficult Patient,” and “Breaking Bad News.” Each of these sessions will be a half hour in length, and will run throughout the meeting — from Friday morning through Monday evening.

Each session will include a one-on-one simulated clinical encounter with a patient-actor where the attendee will perform the topic of the session — a full body skin exam, a medical diagnosis, a discussion with a difficult patient, or a consultation on medication management. The purpose of each session is to get hands-on practice in patient counseling and education, and provide the attendees with feedback on their overall communication skills.

It will be a rare opportunity to practice challenging conversations in a safe and realistic setting, while giving the attendee a chance to reflect on the encounter, and identify areas for individual improvement.

Each session offers attendees 0.5 CME credit hours; tuition fee and ticket are required for admission.

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