‘Hot Topics’ to discuss emerging therapies in dermatology


David Eric Cohen, MD

“Hot Topics” (S018) will be returning to the 74th Annual Meeting to discuss some of the latest and most exciting trends in dermatology. This year, the symposium will review new and emerging therapies for the treatment of several dermatological conditions, and will assess some of the most common aesthetic challenges in clinical practice. The symposium also will provide a large repository of information for the most cutting-edge treatments that will likely become part of the therapeutic armamentarium in the near future.

After the course, attendees should be able to identify the latest trends in treatments for several skin diseases, discuss mechanisms of action for future dermatologic therapies, and examine the safety/efficacy of these newly emerging therapies.

The symposium will be presented from 1 to 4 p.m. Friday, March 4, and will be directed by David Eric Cohen, MD. Hot topics presentations and speakers are:

  • Introductions And Contact Dermatitis, David E. Cohen, MD
  • Melanoma/Cutaneous Oncology Update, Allan C. Halpern, MD
  • Sunscreens / Photoprotection, Henry W. Lim, MD
  • New and Emerging Therapies for Psoriasis, Kenneth B. Gordon, MD
  • Health Care Reform: How It Will Affect Us, Brett Coldiron, MD
  • Drug Reaction: New Drugs and Reactions, Neil Shear, MD
  • Facial Sculpting and Fillers, Derek Jones, MD
  • Acne: What’s New, Diane M. Thiboutot, MD
  • New and Emerging Therapies for Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema, Eric Simpson, MD

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