‘Pearls and Pitfalls’ addresses challenges of beginning practice

Practice ManagementYoung physicians entering their first years of practice are treading on new turf, but a session presented Monday is designed to help them take those first steps on solid ground rather than tumbling down a slope.

“Young Physician Pearls and Pitfalls: A Survival Guide for the First 10 Years,” (F124) co-directed by Nina Botto, MD, and Bethanee Schlosser, MD, PhD, will offer presentations covering health care regulations, overcoming practice mistakes, health system reform, dermatoscopy, and increasing participation in the AAD. “We want to highlight the issues that young physicians face, particularly issues that may have changed within the last year,” said Danette D. Bentley, MD, course co-director. “We will focus on issues that will be helpful to younger dermatologists just out of residency, but even those who have been in practice for 20 years can get something out of the session.”

Scheduled presentations:

  • “Regulatory Hurdles in Dermatology” will feature Mark D. Kaufmann, MD, presenting updates on Meaningful Use, Maintenance of Certification, ICD-10, and other evolving regulatory issues.
  • “Lessons Learned in Academic Surgery” will offer tips to improve surgical outcomes by Mariah C. Brown, MD, who will also discuss errors. “It is reassuring for people to hear they are not the only ones making mistakes,” Dr. Bentley said. “Those eat on you, so it is nice to hear that other people are in your position. As we get older, I think we learn how to deal with errors, but when you are just out of residency and are trying so hard to do a good job, it is hard.”
  • Marta Van Beek, MD, MPH, the AAD delegate to the American Medical Association, will review changes to dermatology and how the specialty relates to the overall house of medicine. She will discuss health system reform and how those changes affect dermatologists.
  • “Myths, Risks, and Opportunities of Dermatoscopy” will have Harald Kittler, MD, cover some pearls for dermatoscopy and pigmented lesions.
  • “Navigating the AAD as a Young Physician — Setting Your Own Course,” will have Dr. Schlosser discuss how the Academy operates and how to get involved with committees, task forces, and other groups.

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