Leading by design: Practice makes true leaders, not genes

In a presidential election, many candidates try to present themselves as born leaders. Brian Anderson, MD, disagrees with this premise, stressing that leadership comes with practice.

“Leaders are made, not born. Each one of us can improve with hard work,”
Dr. Anderson, associate professor at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, said Friday during “Advance Practice Management” (C006), pointing to four leadership lessons:

  • Leadership is everyone’s business. “It is your job to lead because individuals look up to you as a physician. But don’t mistake leadership with power. That is not leadership; that is fear.”
  • Lead by example. “If you do not lead by example, you have no credibility. You have to be mindful and thoughtful with everything you say.”
  • Your behavior is a model. “If you want an office that gossips, gossip. If you want an office that is punctual and on time, be punctual and on time.”
  • Caring is at the heart of all of us. “It is easy to go to work and not have much interaction with those around you. It is much more fulfilling to have interaction.”

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