Interactive learning: I’ll take Unusual Leg Ulcers for $100

0305-Leg UlcersDiagnosing and treating leg ulcers can be a difficult, complicated path to travel, but a Friday education session made it more fun by adopting the format of the iconic game show Jeopardy and encouraging audience participation.

“People enjoy that it is interactive rather than a professorial type of presentation,” said Alain Brassard, MD, who has refined the presentation over the past few years. “It is a good review for residents. Some of it could be good for wound-care specialists and dermatologists with an interest in ulcerations, and it is also an excellent review for general dermatologists.”

“Leg Ulcer Quiz for the Astute Dermatologist” (U006) revolved around a Jeopardy-style game board with five subjects and questions for each with assigned values between $100 and $500. The subjects were Unusual Leg Ulcers, Arterial Leg Ulcers, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Venous Leg Ulcers, and Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Attendees voted for possible answers, but they also asked questions or were asked questions by Dr. Brassard, professor of medicine and dermatology at the University of Alberta, Canada.

For example, one subject focused on a patient with a neuropathic ulcer.

“I led them through a series of questions that eventually lead to a nerve biopsy, which gave a diagnosis of unusual systemic disease causing neuropathy, which then caused neuropathic ulcerations,” Dr. Brassard said of the case of a patient with a neuropathic ulcer. “It is almost like an evolution of a case, like you would question a resident in clinic. It is really case-driven.”

Dr. Brassard said, “People answer the questions. It is a clinical, logical set of questions in all of those boxes. It is not about pure knowledge. This is more about clinical judgment and recall of knowledge — and having a good time.

“You always learn better when you have a good time, and that is what I think interactive talks are all about.”

Leg ulcer quiz

0305-Leg Ulcer QuizBased on the information below, what is the most useful test to diagnose this ulcer?

  • 29-year-old African-Canadian male
  • Previous medical history: Gallstones
  • Smoking history: No smoking
  • Medicines: Diclofenac, folic acid, and multivitamins, NKDA
  • History: Recurrent, painful left leg ulceration
  • Admitted with acute chest pain and dyspnea, then became febrile

Look for the correct answer on the Medical Dermatology page of tomorrow’s Annual Meeting News.

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