Symposium on chronic pruritus: Bedside to Bench Perspectives

Chronic pruritus has considerable impact on patient quality of life and is a significant challenge for the practicing clinician. A March 21 Annual Meeting symposium, “Chronic Pruritus: Bedside to Bench Perspectives,” (S019), led by Director Gil Yosipovitch, MD, and co-Director Timothy G. Berger, MD, will cover recent advances in the understanding of the pathophysiology of itch and the clinical diagnosis and management of different types of pruritus. The session will be structured with alternating clinical and research presentations to highlight a bedside-to-bench emphasis on the treatment of patients with itch.

Attendees will be provided with tools to assess pruritus in a clinical setting and will learn more about the pathophysiology of chronic itch. After completing the symposium, they will be able to identify and evaluate different types of pruritus and formulate treatment plans for management of chronic itch.

This symposium will use an audience response system so attendees can immediately apply session information to presented case scenarios of patients with chronic pruritus. Topics will include hepatic itch, itch of lymphoma, pediatric itch, and scalp itch. Other faculty members will be Sarah Chamlin, MD, Sheila Friedlander, MD, Juan Guitart, MD, Andreas Kremer, MD, PhD, Amy Paller, MD, Alain Rook, MD, and Tom Wynnis, MD.

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