Deputy Surgeon General to speak at Plenary


Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak, MD, MPH

Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak, MD, MPH, former Acting Surgeon General (now Deputy Surgeon General) will be speaking at the Plenary, March 22.

Dermatologists see the rising incidences of skin cancer in this country, and the statistics are alarming. More than 3.5 million skin cancers in more than 2 million people are diagnosed annually. In July 2014, Dr. Lushniak proclaimed skin cancer as a national health priority and issued a Call to Action on Skin Cancer Prevention.

The Call to Action identifies opportunities for the government, public and private organizations, health care providers, and individuals to raise awareness of skin-protection practices. Recognizing the alarming statistics and their important role in diagnosing and treating skin cancer, dermatologists have the opportunity to work with the Office of the Surgeon General and other stakeholders to promote skin cancer awareness and integrate the strategies identified in the Call to Action in their practices

 Dr. Lushniak was recently interviewed by AAD’s Member to Member publication.

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