Don’t miss summer symposia!


Summer Academy offers a variety of symposia over the next four days.

This year’s Summer Academy Meeting will offer a wide selection of symposia, including the return of Update Platform sessions. The following symposia will be offered on Thursday and Saturday, so be sure to add your favorites to your meeting calendar. Keep in mind the following sessions are only a highlight of what will be offered. For a full list of summer symposia, browse the program overview.

Proper coding and documentation are critical in the era of the Affordable Care Act. From 2 to 5 p.m. Thursday in Grand Ballroom B, Daniel M. Siegel, MD, MS, will direct “Coding and Documentation.” Understanding the basics to be able to navigate the modifier maelstrom and accurately report cognitive work and procedures to avoid penalties is essential. While ICD-10 is delayed for a year, it will be implemented in October 2015.

From 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, three symposia will be offered concurrently, which means it’s time to start making the hard decisions. There’s the ever-popular “Dermatology Grand Rounds: Case-Based Dilemmas,” directed by Amit Garg, MD. This session, taking place in Grand Ballroom A, will offer a grand rounds-style discussion in which evidence- and experience-based commentary among panelists and audience members will offer practical considerations in the diagnosis, specific evaluation, and advanced therapeutic management of challenging clinical cases.

Another symposium option — new this year — “EHR: Tips and Tricks,” will be held in Grand Ballroom EF from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. As federal incentive programs for EHR adoption continue and subsequent penalties are scheduled to take effect in 2015, this session will examine the use of EHRs in dermatology practices. Directed by Mark D. Kaufmann, MD, the session will feature presentations by practicing dermatologists and other experts who will share best practices, guidance on navigating the extensive regulatory environment surrounding EHRs, and assistance on implementation strategies.

Last but not least, “What’s Hot in Dermatopathology,” directed by Christine Ko, MD, will take place in Grand Ballroom B from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. Diagnostic categories, techniques/stains, and other developments in dermatopathology with particular relevance to the practicing dermatologist will be discussed.

Looking for a Saturday afternoon symposium? There are two great, albeit different, sessions from which to choose. Both symposia will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. Directed by Richard K. Scher, MD, “Hot Topics in Nail Disorders” in Grand Ballroom B is designed for dermatologists who manage nail diseases. Newer techniques in diagnostic and therapeutic nail surgery will be presented for subsequent utilization by the practicing physician. Adverse effects to the nail unit of systemic chemotherapeutic agents will be addressed as to management, including melanoma and squamous carcinoma. Recent innovative treatment modalities for total dystrophic and recurrent/resistant onychomycosis and methods of prophylaxis are also discussed.

In all aspects of life, the art of persuasion and negotiation strengthens positions, forges compromise, and gets things done. In “Leading by Persuading, Influencing, and Negotiating,” directed by Jennifer Lucas, MD, in Columbus Hall EF, a series of cases will be reviewed that will illustrate effective persuasion and negotiation techniques that can be used in all realms of life.

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