Translating psoriasis evidence into psoriasis practice


Alan Menter, MD

Good clinical evidence and guidelines do not automatically translate into good clinical practice. It takes expert advice to apply guidelines in the clinical setting to improve patient outcomes.

“We are assembling experts who have spent a lot of time looking at the evidence in psoriasis from a practical perspective to build guidelines that will help our colleagues in clinical practice choose the right therapy for the right patient,” said Alan Menter, MD, chief of dermatology at Baylor University Medical Center and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas.  “Not just choose the right therapy, but introduce it in a way that is going to maximize benefits from both the therapeutic and the safety perspective.”

Dr. Menter is chair of AAD’s Psoriasis Guidelines Committee and director for a special session, “Translating Evidence into Practice: Psoriasis Guidelines” (C016) on March 22. The session is more than an introduction to the Academy’s most recent update to its psoriasis practice guidelines. Presenters will add new information and practical developments that will be incorporated in the next set of revisions.

“I will be discussing biosimilars, which have not even reached the U.S. market,” Dr. Menter said. “The first two biosimilars were approved by the European Medicines Agency and will be coming to the United States along with many other agents. Some of our major drugs are coming off patent over the next two years. We need to start considering now how we are going to deal with biosimilars, especially recognizing that biologic therapies are quite expensive compared to methotrexate and other agents.”

Other topics in the session will include a look at new developments in psoriatic arthritis, topical therapy for psoriasis, phototherapy, systemic therapy, biologic therapy, and the evolution of knowledge surrounding psoriasis comorbidities and prevention of risk factors.

“We will be looking at safety issues, dosing issues, new agents, side effects, costs, all of the things that in daily practice absolutely must be taken into consideration,” Dr. Menter said. “Our goal is to elevate psoriasis to a new level of understanding.”

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