2014 Annual Meeting Podcasts

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Susan Weinkle, MD, discusses the new Live Demonstration session “Soft Tissue Augmentation and Neuromodulators — Simultaneous Cadaver Prosection and Live Patient Injections” presented at 2-5 p.m. March 21.

Susan Weinkle, MD2min
Susan Weinkle, MD





Eliot N. Mostow, MD, talks about evidence-based strategies for reducing medical errors, which will be discussed in “Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Errors in Dermatology Practice” at 1-3 p.m. Saturday, March 22.

Eliot N. Mostow, MD3:26
Eliot N. Mostow, MD




Lynn Anne Cornelius, MD, discusses the importance of taking a team approach in treating melanoma, an approach that will be covered in “Melanoma Multidisciplinary Care 2014: What You Need To Know” at 1-3 p.m. Sunday, March 23.

Lynn Anne Cornelius, MD3:32
Lynn Anne Cornelius, MD

Lynda Chin, MD, looks at the possibilities of using computers with artificial intelligence-like capability to help physicians treat cancer patients, which she discussed during the Lila and Murray Gruber Memorial Cancer Research Award and Lectureship Sunday.

Lynn Anne Cornelius, MD3:32
Lynda Chin, MD

Anthony Eugene Oro, MD, PhD, discusses stem cell factors that can help control cancers, as well as be linked to their development, the focus of his Marion B. Sulzberger Memorial Award and Lectureship address.

Lynn Anne Cornelius, MD3:32
Anthony Eugene Oro, MD, PhD



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